Vision Board Creation: Your Best Life Manifested

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You’ve probably heard the term vision board thrown around in conversation before. Maybe you’ve even tried creating a vision board without really knowing what you were doing yet (ahem- that collage you had framed on your wall in high school). Today I’ll explain what makes a vision board different than a simple inspirational collage, and how you can use one to have your best life manifested. It all has to do with the power of your subconscious mind.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

Vision Board Creation: Your Best Life Manifested

Vision board images differ from inspirational collage art because the pictures on a vision board embody the things you want to attract to your life. These images should be so focused, so intentional, that simply looking at your vision board each day draws you closer to your goal. If you want to be a successful female entrepreneur then perhaps your vision board will include images of women pioneers like Oprah Winfrey, images that express the freedom being a female entrepreneur will provide, or the fulfillment you get from doing a job that you love every single day. The images you choose should focus your attention on what it will be like and feel like to have reached that goal- not the struggle of getting there. We are setting out on this vision board journey to harness the power of positive vibes which will, in turn, unlock the power of your subconscious mind using the law of attraction. Vision Board Creation: Your Best Life Manifested

So now you’re probably asking…

What is the law of attraction?

What does it have to do with creating a vision board?

Simply stated, the law of attraction is the ability to attract to our lives whatever we are focusing on. A vision board is literally a visual representation of what you are wanting to focus on attracting into your life. It’s a daily reminder of where to focus your attention. You can create a vision board the old fashioned way with paper and glue, or you can use one of my favorite modern day tools that I’ll mention in a moment to create vision boards online. After the fun phase of creating your vision board, all you have to do is set aside a few uninterrupted moments each day to look at the vision board you create, and allow it to manifest your dreams into your life using the power of your subconscious mind.

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Vision Board Ideas

Remember flipping through magazines as a kid and cutting out your favorite images and pasting them into a collage? It’s fun, right?

Creating a vision board doesn’t have to be any more difficult than that, but you need to be intentional about which images or phrases you choose to use on your vision board. Then you need to set aside time each day to really hone in on your vision board and spend time with it.

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Create a vision board with the amazing ideas in this article. This blogger explains how you can create a DIY vision board with paper or create a digital vision board online. She explains plannings, gives examples, free printables, and best inspiration for achieving your goals! If you've been curious about how to create a vision board using the law of attraction to unlock the power of your subconscious mind in 2018 then you don't want to miss this article! |

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How do I know which images are the best for my vision board?

Find a quiet moment for yourself, sit with your magazines, or other photo media, and listen to your heart as the images speak to you. In a nutshell, you’ll want to choose beautiful images that:

  • Keep your BIG goal in mind (Nothing wimpy allowed. Dream BIG!)
  • Truly speak to your soul
  • Inspire you to focus on your goal- not the struggles or “how-to” get there

Don’t cut out the first image you come across that looks like it fits the topic of your goal. You may need to revisit an image more than once to make your choice. You may see several similar images. You want to really feel it in your heart when you choose an image to add to your vision board. <3 The images you add should illustrate what it feels like to have made it where you want to be. Vision Board Creation: Your Best Life Manifested For a very simple example, if your goal is to catch a fish then you should cut out a photo of a person holding a fish not a person with their fishing line still out in the water waiting on the big fish to come along. You are wanting your attention to be on the result, and not the process, of achieving the goal! Recommended Resources for your Vision Boards

Photo paper for Printing Images.  Printing your own photos at home may be easier than sourcing magazines.

. Gotta love this color. The green matches my JEEP!

. I like this glue best because I’ve used it several times in the past and I was happy with it. It’s acid-free which is great for any type of paper crafting.

. If you don’t like the mess that glue can make, try this easy to use tape runner.

. A canvas makes a high-quality foundation to create your vision board on.

Sturdy Paper
 A thick cardstock paper can be a less expensive alternative to buying a canvas.

Fun extras to make it your own like stickers, glitter, felt pens, or even try washi tape.

. Use these emoji stickers to channel some fun emotions!

Glitter. Pour some glitter on that big, scary goal!

Felt Pens. Can’t find the perfect photo or blurb? Create your own!

Washi Tape. Love these- sparkly and shiny makes me happy. Plus it’s 50 rolls—a bargain!

How to Create a Vision Board with Paper and Glue

Creating a vision board is as simple as it sounds. Flip through a magazine or use another source to print your own images to can use to cut out and create your collage. Cut out the images that speak to you and center your focus on what it will feel like once you have reached your big, scary goal. Glue them onto your canvas or sturdy paper in a fun arrangement. Choose something solid as the foundation of your vision board so that it holds up nicely, and choose a strong, acid-free glue or tape to really set them down. Use an adhesive like the one you’d use scrapbooking or paper crafting so that your images stay crisp, clean, and don’t yellow over time. I recommend this adhesive. Don’t forget to add any extra pizazz like stickers, sparkly glitter, or use felt pens to create your own doodles or blurbs that make your vision board feel like “you.” I also love using shiny, sparkly washi tapes because these things make me happy!

Vision Board Examples: Vision Boards Online

I’ve used this tool again and again to achieve my own personal and business goals. I love it because I have access to my vision boards any time in my pocket via my cell phone. When I want to take a glance at one of my vision boards to be inspired, and be reminded of where my attention should be it’s right there. Here is my favorite tool that I enjoy using to make vision boards online that really work.

How to create a digital vision board online using Mind Movies to harness the Law of Attraction. |

Mind Movies

I love using a program called Mind Movies to create digital vision boards online. The vision boards you create using Mind Movies will be short, powerful videos filled with present tense affirmations to help you focus and visualize your big, scary goal. You can even add audio or music to your digital vision board to give it an extra punch to unlock the power of your subconscious mind. The beauty in creating a vision board- whether you choose to create a traditional paper and glue vision board, or a digital vision board online- is that it will help you focus on achieving that goal and even dream bigger than ever before. It truly does not matter which type of vision board you choose to create. It only matters that you DO it!

Share your vision board plans with me in the comments below!

What is your big, scary goal?

Happy manifesting!

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