Do I need a college degree to become a copywriter?

Is it true that I need a degree to become a copywriter?

This is one of the most asked questions I get from people looking to becoming a freelance copywriter. And the answer is “Nope.”

You 100% do NOT need a college degree or any previous experience to become a successful copywriter.

I didn’t have a college degree when I got started, but I still managed to make multiple six figures during my first year.

If that isn’t proof enough, I don’t know what is!

In fact, sometimes the folks with the journalism or English degrees find it HARDER to get into the groove of copywriting, not easier. Why? Because they often have to UN-learn what was pounded into their brains about “how to write.”

Copywriting is much more conversational and informal than many other types of writing.

If you can write like a person talks and factor in marketing strategy at the core of the “conversation,” you have the first foundational skills to becoming a copywriter.

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