Using Mindset and Manifesting to

Achieve a Successful Career in Copywriting

Tina Lorenz gives us an insight into her early days as a copywriter and explains why,

if you have the right mindset and truly believe, you can become one too.


I’m delighted to share with you my very first vlog post! To see how I found my path into copywriting through mindset and manifestation, take a look at my video below.

If you prefer, you can read the transcript, which has been edited for easy reading below:


Hi, this is Tina Lorenz and welcome to the Renegade Boomer.

I’m going to start doing video blog posts right here on the blog. I hope that you’ll enjoy them and I hope that you’ll leave me some comments if you get some value out of this.


No Need For Excuses


Today’s topic is mindset and manifesting, and being entrepreneurial as a copywriter. How do those things connect? You might wonder if they’re all related and they actually are. You know, I was on my own when I was 17 years old, I literally climbed out my bedroom window, had to go to Seattle and figure out how to make a life for myself. And in that process, I went through a lot of tough stuff.

My family life wasn’t great, which is probably pretty obvious, since I left and I was 17, and I went through a lot of difficult things along the way, including losing everything, being stalked by a psychopath, almost being murdered and having to start my life completely over again.

So, what does this have to do with mindset, manifesting and copywriting you might ask? Well, I didn’t discover copywriting until I was past the age of 50. I had no college degree, no previous experience, had been on my own since I was 17, never done anything online, and had never been paid a dime to write anything, unless you count writing a boring memo, or a business letter as a secretary as getting paid. Which was very little pay, I can tell you that!


Mindset and Manifestation: Changing Your Thinking

and Using Vision Boards


How was that whole scenario going to help me do anything when I was past 50? To start a whole new online career and be successful at it? Your mindset could kick in saying, “wow, you know, I’m too old.” “I don’t know enough.” “I couldn’t possibly catch up.” “Who’s going to pay any attention to me? I’ve come out of nowhere on the Internet.”

But you know, there’s a line from the movie Moonstruck where Cher goes, “Snap out of it!” That’s what I’d say to you, if your brain gets caught up in the negative thinking and the old messages, the old way we talk to ourselves. And when I say old, I don’t mean by age, I mean just the patterns, the habits of how we speak to ourselves. The mindset of the messages we give ourselves.

What was necessary for me to become a successful copywriter at that point in my life, starting absolutely from scratch, was a shift in mindset. And that’s where the mindset and manifesting and the vision boards and all of that comes into play. Because when you create a picture in your mind and even visually, where you want to go, what you want to be able to accomplish, it’s so much more powerful. It starts to become real. It’s like we absorb it at some deeper cellular level. And that’s what I did. I used my own computer as my vision board. I put it up as screen savers. I had images on the screen that I could look at and pictures close to my computer of things I wanted to accomplish.


Making the Most of Golden Opportunities


Early on in my copywriting days, I wanted to go to this very exclusive seminar, that was going on in New York City. It was one of my copywriting heroes, a mentor who’s become a friend, Gary Bencivenga. He’s often called the greatest copywriter who has ever lived. He’s retired from copywriting for clients now, but he still has his own products, and things that he markets, but that’s a whole other story. I wanted to go to his one and only marketing event, it was called The Bencivenga 100 and it was being held in New York City.

I was just getting started as a copywriter. I hadn’t made all that much money yet, and the fee for this event was $5,000! Now, at that point in my copywriting career, you might as well have told me this fee was $5 million, because I didn’t have $5,000. Gary did not take credit cards, so that wasn’t an option. You had to pay by check. It wasn’t even an online thing, you literally had to send him a check for $5,000.

I knew enough at that point to know that anyone who was anybody in copywriting was going to be at that event. And the reason it was called the Bencivenga 100 was because he was only going to allow 100 people to come to the event. Eventually it’s stretched out to maybe 125 because there were so, so many people that were very, very active in the world of online marketing and digital marketing. Big companies like Boardroom, Rodale, and Agora, who knew Gary’s reputation very well, wanted to be at the event, so he did squeeze in a few more.

I decided I was going to the event. I started raising my fees, and I got that $5,000, I made the $5,000 online so that I could go to the event. I had post-it-notes all around my computer saying that I was going, I did it in the present tense, like “Going to the Bencivenga 100,” “I’m going to be there,” “Can’t wait to be there.” “I have $5,000 for the Bencivenga event.” And I got it, and I went. But I also went with a shift in mindset, that I wasn’t just going to learn, I was going to network. I was determined I was going to maximize my investment, and make it pay back in a very big way.

And just by talking to people there, by giving them suggestions, not by eagerly grabbing them and trying to hurry them up and get a project, but by serving, by taking the mindset of service, that I would go to this event, and I would serve in whatever capacity I could, other people that were there, by just talking marketing with them or talking about their copy. Do you know what happened? From that event I left, there with something like $80,000 booked in projects and that turned into $100,000. I made six figures just from going to that event.


Pivoting How You Think


Now, the reason I really feel I was able to do that was through mindset and manifestation, by pivoting how you think, growing that confidence, not allowing an old way of thinking that said “it’s too late for you.” “You’re too old.” “You don’t have the experience.” “You’ve never done this before.”

I had never been to an event like this before, but I did it, and that’s what happened. And I ended up eventually getting, a huge testimonial from Gary Bencivenga about my copywriting services, which is still on my letter at my sales page. It was very a smart investment in myself. I trusted enough to make that investment in myself, and I trusted in universal intelligence. Just the whole energy of the universe, energy of money, to come together and work, and it did.

I’m just here today to remind you, and maybe pique your interest, and get you thinking about how that kind of, how shall we call it? A shift in thinking, can be so incredibly powerful.

Now here on the Renegade Boomer, you can get my free report about vision boarding and manifesting, and how it can change your life. I have more examples there of things that I’ve done. 

Work From Anywhere


I’ve had custom RV’s that I’ve turned into mobile offices. We were living in Mexico and now on a beautiful piece of property in Arizona. I want to remind you that I started with nothing. We sold our trailer in Yuma, Arizona. We had an old mobile home, and when I discovered copywriting and made that mental shift and leap into believing that I could do it, I believed it so intensely that we sold that trailer just to have enough operating money so that I could begin. We had an old RV, we sold the old trailer, I got some money together, and I began my copywriting career.

In my first year, I made more than a hundred thousand dollars. I made multiple six figures in my very first year online.

I invite you to explore how the power of mindset and manifestation and how it can work for you, especially if you feel pulled to be entrepreneurial. If you’d like to start a business online, but you’re not quite sure what to do, which might be why you’re here on the Renegade Boomer.


Learn From Tina


I also want to remind you here, you can sign up for my FREE copywriting workshop at Authentic Copy, which is my copywriting program where I will teach you exactly the kinds of marketing and structure you need to know, those beginning elements where you can easily get as much as $3,500 a month right out of the gate. I’ll show you exactly how you do that.

Now I’m just going to stop right here and say I’m not promising what you’re going to make. I cannot predict what you will make online. I cannot predict how successful you will be. I would never ever presume to tell you what you will make. But I will show you how you can get to that entry-level point consistently, and then you can build from there if you’re willing to put in the effort.

I’m not saying you can do what I did, I’m probably kind of unusual in what I was able to do, but I have been in this business for over 14 years, and I can definitely teach you how you can join the ranks of online copywriters making a great income from home, or from an RV, or from any place you might want to be.

If you have any questions about this, I hope you’ll post them in the comments. I’d be happy to answer them for you.

I hope you enjoyed my first vlog for the Renegade Boomer, and I hope to see you here again. Please, do give me your feedback if you enjoy watching the video, instead of just reading a blog post. I hope you’ll let me know because I would love to do more for you and serve you in that way as well.

Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you next time.

Bye Bye.  

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