A student Success Story

Recently I was at an event standing in line with my friend Kristina Albright, when she turned to me and said…

“I watched your video 10 Ways to Power Up Your Copy and after, I was able to write my sales letter!”.

I was so tickled by this, I just had to interview her for my blog. You can watch the video here, or check out our conversation below.


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Learning How to Write a Sales Letter

Tina: 00:00 Hi, this is Tina Lorenz, and today I’m here with my good buddy, Kristina Albright. And Kristina, you’re in Nashville, Tennessee, right? Kristina and I are in a mastermind with Russell Brunson actually.

Tina: 00:15 And we were at an event, and I’d recently done a video about 10 ways to power up your copy. Kristina watched it, and so we’re standing in a little line waiting for something. And she turned to me and said, “You know what? After I watched that, I was able to write my sales letter!” And I said, “Awesome!” And so I wanted to know if I could interview you and talk about that a little bit. Those 10 points I went over allowed you to write your entire sales letter. So, what happened then?

Kristina: 00:45 Well, what happened was, I was watching the little videos…Tina had videos and then action items afterwards, which made it really, really simple. And just to the point of exactly what I was trying to get done.

Kristina: 01:04 So when I would watch each section, then I would just stop after and she gave us exercises to do. It was really, really simple. It cut so many corners, and it really enlightened me too. It doesn’t have to be that difficult to write copy. It is just a matter of a process, and the process she shows is so easy to follow along. I loved it.

Tina: 01:39 Oh that’s awesome. It’s kind of a funny thing because a lot of times people are just so intimidated about writing their copy. You know, they just feel like “I can’t do it and I’m all lost in the middle of it.” And I felt like that when I first started too. But one of the things I try to do is really synthesize it down into a simpler process that people can actually follow.

Tina: 01:57 So the fact that you implemented step by step, literally step by step. Did you find that really worked? The name of the presentation was 10 ways to power up your copy. So did you feel like that’s what happened when you, when you wrote the copy that way?

 Learning Life-long Copywriting Skills

Kristina: 02:12 Absolutely. The cool thing was that I had tried and tried to write the sales letter, the sales copy. And I had a draft, but when I went through the steps then it was like eye-opening, and I was thrilled! Because I thought, wow, she’s just taught me something I can use forever. And so I loved it. It just cut through all of the things in my brain and connected everything together to where everything flipped.

Kristina: 02:52 loved it.

Tina: 02:53 Awesome. That makes me so happy because that’s really my purpose and goal of doing this. And right now I have a new copywriting program called Authentic Copy. And it’s for teaching people who want to work from home as copywriters. Or for people like you that are trying to write their own copy for your own products and projects, that type of thing. And that’s why I always teach that copywriting is a super foundational piece for everything you do, whether you’re writing for your own things, or writing for someone else.

Tina: 03:19 Of course, I’m training people to be able to write copy. And what I ended up doing is this same video you watched and did this with, is now one of the bonuses in my program. I tried to create bonuses for the training that would give people the extra fuel they need to really be able to do this.

Tina: 03:40 And so giving everyone what they really need to zero in and how to do this the fastest way possible, but really effectively too. And it doesn’t depend, and I think you’ll be able to confirm this, it doesn’t depend on formulas or a script or anything like that.

Simple, Powerful, Quick to Learn

Tina: 03:56 And sometimes when I teach this, people say like, “Oh my gosh, that particular point was so simple and yet it was so powerful when I did that to my copy.” I think that’s what you experienced. When you turned to me, it was totally unexpected. We were just standing in line waiting, you know, and it was just like…Yes! 🙂 I’m gonna have to read that sales letter you wrote and see what you did with those things. And it really is that step by step process.

Tina: 04:24 That’s what I want people to understand.

Tina: 04:29 It’s such an important skill. But on the other hand, it’s not like rocket science either, and it doesn’t take a long time to learn. That’s one of the things if you learn these foundational pieces. That’s what I keep preaching, that it is a lot faster and easier than a person might think. And so I think that’s what you experienced when you went home and said, I’m just going to follow it. And I love that you broke it down step by step instead of like some big overwhelm of how do I do all these things at once. You literally went through what you were writing, took each step of those 10 ways that I taught, and you just did them all the way through your copy it sounds like, and then went back to the next one, and did that all the way through your copy.

Kristina: 05:05 It helps that you’re an amazing teacher too.

Kristina: 05:13 Yes, you absolutely broke it down perfectly. And so with the steps, that’s what made the difference: the steps. You watch the video, and then you do the exercise. Because I think a lot of times what I do, and I know a lot of my other entrepreneur friends do, is we try to watch everything and think, oh we’re going to learn this, and then we’ll go back and do all the exercises. And the way that you broke it down was a really good exercise for me, and it worked. So I have all the confidence in the world. I can’t wait for your new program!

What Would Tina Do?

Tina: 05:54 Thank you. You know the thing is, I’m going to predict that when you write additional sales letters, because I know you’re adding other niche markets to what you do, it’s going to be much more automatic for you.

Tina: 06:06 As you’re writing, I’m going to be like that little voice in the back of your head like, “Oh, what would Tina do, what would Tina do!” I taught someone else, I gave them some suggestions on things to do with their copy and they literally wrote to me that now when they’re writing, (it’s a husband and wife team) and now when they’re writing their copy they turn to each other and say, “Tina would say…”

Tina: 06:28 And then they do their thing and they stop…and then “Tina would say…” So the “What Would Tina Say” thing becomes that little voice in your ear that doesn’t go away. (laughing)

Kristina: 06:42 That’s probably a better voice, I like that one!

Tina: 06:44 Awesome. So I in closing, first of all, thank you for sharing that you did this, because this is always so confirming. It really just brings me joy when I can teach people how to do this. And I see them actually implement. That’s the other thing, not just listen but actually DO and get results from it. And that makes me really happy. And I just love seeing that from the people I teach, whether it’s just in a casual way where we just happened to be in a group together and you ended up listening to the training, or people I’m teaching in my program.

Tina: 07:10 In closing I’d just like to ask you what would say to anybody considering signing up for Authentic Copy with me?

Kristina: 07:18 I would say it’s a no-brainer!

Kristina: 07:22 Do it. Do it right now. Tina is an amazing coach and mentor and she simplifies things. Just go sign up.

Tina: 07:33 Oh thank you.

Tina: 07:33 You know what we’re doing right now, people might notice I’m in my mobile office because I’m actually on the way to where you happen to be in Nashville, Tennessee. Because we’re going to a big marketing event in Nashville. And so I’m ready to roll in the mobile office. But that means I’m using my portable internet and it works really great, but every once in a while, it has a little tiny blip. So we might’ve gotten one, but I think the message came through.

Tina: 07:57 Kristina, thanks so much for joining me today, and I can’t wait to see you in a few days in Nashville. Thanks for sharing your story.

Kristina: 08:05 I’m excited!

Tina: 08:05 See you soon.


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