Do I have to be a good editor/proofreader to be a copywriter?

This answer might surprise you a little bit. You do not need to be an expert editor or proofreader to become a copywriter.

However, the point of copywriting is to sell through words…meaning you need to have a solid grasp of the language so you can communicate effectively.

That also means you need to have basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills; otherwise, your writing will be difficult to read and understand, making for a very unhappy client.

No matter your grammar skill level, you should always run your copy through a spell checker at the very least. These tools aren’t perfect but they will find glaring errors that could be potentially embarrassing.

I also recommend using Grammarly if you’re looking for a step up from a basic spell checker. Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing!

If you really want to make sure your copy is as error-free as possible, I suggest having a trusted friend or colleague read through it. A second set of eyes can’t hurt (unless they’re worse at grammar than you are 🙃).

Don’t let your failed spelling test in fifth grade or your C paper in English class prevent you from becoming a copywriter. You got this!

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