Is the copywriting market saturated?


Answering the Question: “Is the Copywriting Market Saturated?”


You may well be wondering if there is any point to taking up copywriting, after all, surely the copywriting market is saturated?

I know it might seem like there are more copywriters out there than there are jobs.

And while there may be a lot of self-proclaimed copywriters out there, the market is NOT saturated with quality copywriters.

Plain and simple.

Anyone can call themselves a copywriter. There’s no certification or degree attached to it like a doctor or lawyer.

However, the amount of skilled, trustworthy copywriters out there is much, much lower. Clients need to know they’ll have a quality product delivered on time. You’d be shocked to hear some of the stories I have of “copywriters” ghosting clients or delivering subpar work.

Highly skilled professionals will always be in demand, no matter what niche or market. And that’s great news for you! As long as you learn the skills, present yourself with authenticity and professionalism, and deliver quality work on time, I can assure you you’ll get clients!

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