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The entire course is laid out in an easy to follow, step-by-step format, with helpful screen captures, video overviews, and interactive suggested “Exercises” you can complete online to clarify your training even further.

Here’s what to do next…

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  3. You can do both!
  4. Then tap into the power of your “Roadmap To Success” on page 71 to make writing your LinkedIn Profiles you even faster and easier!

The most important thing is to make a commitment to yourself to complete the course and DO it!

That’s how you’ll quickly get started as a Bio Building specialist and start making money.

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Bio Builder Secrets Welcome


Hi! And a warm welcome to…

“Bio Builder Secrets.”

A short time ago I interviewed one of my original Authentic Copy students, Julie Anne Eason, for a blog post on website. The blog was titled…

“The Six-Figure Copywriter Mindset”

Julie told me how, by using the skills she’d learned on my course Authentic Copy, she’d been able to make incredible sums of money. Julie’s first big eureka moment came when she had a mindset change and charged $10,000 dollars for a single sales letter, a sales letter that only took her three days to write.

Today, Julie charges $50,000 dollars plus to write non-fiction books and runs her own successful publishing company.

But even more interestingly, in that same interview, Julie mentioned that because people find it so hard to write their own LinkedIn bios, it’s possible to charge more than $500 dollars to write one for them. She said at this price you’ll get takers lining up around the block!

I thought about this and decided this information was too valuable not to share.

Here’s why…

LinkedIn has more than 590 MILLION users, with new members joining at the rate of

TWO per second. Their goal is to reach 3 BILLION users, and they’re well on their way.

  • 41% of all millionaires use LinkedIn.
  • More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.
  • 91% of marketing execs say LinkedIn is the top place to find quality content.
  • In excess of 61 million senior level influencers are LinkedIn users, 40 million of which are in positions to make decisions.
  • 50% of ALL social traffic that goes to B2B blogs and websites is from LinkedIn.
  • The #1 channel used for the distribution of content by B2B marketers is LinkedIn at 94%.

And here’s even more reasons why…

  • Only 6% of the 10,000 most shared articles on LinkedIn written over the past 5 years were written by influencers, making it a great place for anyone at any level to get noticed.
  • LinkedIn is the top place to find top quality content according to 91% of
    marketing executives.
  • B2B leads are the highest on LinkedIn at 80% while Twitter has 13% and Facebook 7%.
  • Conversation generation is 3x higher on LinkedIn than it is on either Twitter or Facebook.


Because that means literally millions of eyeballs are on LinkedIn user bios.

And that means…

LinkedIn Can Become Your Personal GOLDMINE!

The bio section of a LinkedIn profile has just a 2000-character limit, and in reality, most bios are far, far shorter. How amazing would it be to have the skills to write incredible audience grabbing bios for people? Bios that your future clients would be over the moon with?

Having a strong bio profile summary can make the difference between a person being flooded with offers or being completely invisible, not just on LinkedIn, but in all kinds of places. Business people are aware of this, and because it’s not easy to write effectively about yourself, they’re desperate to make someone else do it for them.

Enter YOU!

Even if you’ve never written copy for anything else yet, you can quickly learn how to do this ONE specialized service…and make as much as $500 an hour.

Of course, as always, I make no promises on exactly what YOU will make. You must be willing to put in the effort and promote yourself.

When you do that, and as you gain skills specializing in LinkedIn bios, you can add on extra services, or even start writing About Me pages for client websites and blogs, by maximizing these same basic strategies.

And as you grow your bio-writing repertoire, you also grow your profitability.

Sound Good? Let’s Get Started!

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Bio Builder Secrets Part 1 Setting Up Your LinkedIn Account

Setting Up a LinkedIn Account

If, like me, you’re a member of various social media groups where you’re required to write some form of bio, then you’ll probably know just how difficult it can be writing about yourself.

It can be hard to decide what to put in, and sometimes, more importantly, what to leave out!

Your bio doesn’t only need to reach your target audience; it also needs to make them sit up, take notice, and then take action!

Do you realize it isn’t only you who finds writing profile summaries difficult? Other people do, too!


Lightbulb-Dollar-In-Your-Pocket Moment!

LinkedIn offers freelance entrepreneurs and home-based businesses a tremendous platform to connect and network with prospective clients.

Many people use other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, but what’s so great about LinkedIn is that it’s specifically for business people.

From the CEOs of international corporations, right through to work-at-home entrepreneurs just like you, LinkedIn is where you can connect to people at every level.



On LinkedIn, a bio is called your profile summary. For clarity, during this course it could be referred to as either a bio or a profile summary.

Before you can start writing bios for other people, first you’ll need one of your own. To do this, I will guide you through setting up your own profile page on LinkedIn.

Even if you already have a LinkedIn account, it may still be worth checking through the steps shown here to ensure you have everything optimized.

Now download the workbook below and complete the exercises. 

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Bio Builder Secrets Part 2 Writing Your Own LI Summary

Writing Your Own LinkedIn Profile Summary

Now that you’ve created your account, you’re ready to write your bio in the profile summary area.

LinkedIn is geared exclusively to professional business people. It’s the ideal platform to showcase your talents, particularly as you’re aiming your services at LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn members will be able to find you based on a search specific to your skills or industry, or by entering your name in the search area. This is why selecting the right keywords throughout your profile is so important.

Doing this makes you easy to find.



A profile summary is meant to convey the following things:

  • Who you are – Your name and business details
  • What you can do – Your talents, in this case writing LinkedIn profile summaries
  • Your background – Any relevant experience you have
  • Basic personal information

To make your profile summary really stand out, you can add a few additional

elements. Here are some more Bio Builder Secrets:

  • How you can help the reader
  • Why they should use your services
  • The results you’ll get them if they do
  • Links to your website, social media, portfolio, and other strong examples of your work

Remember, your LinkedIn profile and profile summary are a marketing tool. They need to describe your skills and the services you provide. 

  • You should showcase what YOU can do for OTHERS
  • Your profile summary shouldn’t read like a resume

Here are some basic key points to remember when writing your profile summary:

  • Keep the paragraphs short and easy to read
  • Use your keywords and phrases naturally whenever appropriate
  • Ensure spelling and grammar are correct
  • Write in the first person
  • Don’t allow your summary to be too long – it is a SUMMARY!
  • Make sure what you are offering is clear
  • Use bullet points to make reading easier

A NOTE ABOUT BULLET POINT LISTS: you can choose to turn a list into a bullet point list by selecting the bullet point icon on your word processor program, or you can add them manually.

There are generally several options for how your bullet points can look. If you want your list to stand out, you can choose a different icon instead of just a plain dot. You could use * or > if adding manually, or one of the options built into word processing programs, which also include arrows, check marks, and more.

What to leave out of your profile summary, detailed information about:

  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Qualifications
  • Your life history

LinkedIn allows you to build a resume as part of your profile; it is, therefore, unnecessary to include it again in your profile summary. If there are elements within your experience you feel are important, touch on them in your summary, but don’t go into great detail.

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Bio Builder Secrets Part 3 Connecting With Clients

Connecting With Clients

Now that you’ve learned how to write your own bio, you can apply the knowledge to write them for other people.

This is a goldmine, as people don’t enjoy writing bios about themselves, and when they do, they often don’t do it well! This opens a great opportunity for you to write their bios for them, or even do a full profile makeover.

Don’t forget serious business people are happy to pay $500 for a really good bio. You’ll be able to charge more for a full profile makeover.


To get your very first client, take a long close look at the profile summaries of people 
you know and consider how you could improve them. Tactfully approach them and suggest how you could improve their bio, helping them gain more attention for all the right reasons.

If you need to build on your own profile and want to add some valuable feedback by way of endorsements and recommendations, you could offer to do your first few bios at a discounted rate of $100, in return for the person giving you a LinkedIn endorsement and recommendation.

Always be professional and request payment in advance, just as you would for any other copywriting job. You can also offer two free revisions within a specified time period.

As I said in part one, making the right connections can be a really big help to get you started. To help with this, it’s a good idea to take your LinkedIn account the next level. 
To do this, you can:

1. Add a Company Page

2. Get involved with Groups

3. Interact with Other LinkedIn Members

4. Write Articles and Blogs on LinkedIn

Now download the workbook below and complete the exercises. 

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Bio Builder Secrets Part 4 Useful Softwares

Useful Software

You may be able to think of software that could be useful for writing bios and communicating with clients. Here are two of my recommendations for making
the job easier.

Zoom and ConvertKit.

Download the workbook below and get started with Zoom and ConvertKit for copywriting!

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Bio Builder Secrets Part 5 Writing Bios For Clients

Writing Bios For Clients

There’s no denying that LinkedIn could be your fast track goldmine to building a profitable niche copywriting business.

In PART TWO of this course, we looked at how to write an effective bio for yourself. Now it’s time to use those principals to write highly effective bios for other people on LinkedIn.

This skill set doesn’t need to be contained only to LinkedIn profiles either. The skills are just as valid for writing a bio on any online platform.

Let us imagine you have your first client who wants to you write their LinkedIn bio. What do you need to include?

NAME – Your client’s full name

JOB TITLE – The role the client has within the company they work for

BUSINESS – The clients business details

BACKGROUND – Who your client is and some background information about them

BACK STORY – Your client’s back story. Who are they? How did they get there?

MISSION – What is your client trying to achieve on LinkedIn? Finding clients, new job opportunities, networking, and so on

QUALITIES – What qualities does your client have that are going to help them achieve their mission? Hopefully, your client will have completed the rest of their LinkedIn profile fully, so you should be able to see their education and work history. Remember though, that there may be a bigger picture than this, which forms their back story as mentioned above. There is no need to go over their complete education and work history again in their bio, but it can be beneficial to cherry pick the most important information if it is beneficial to their mission.


  1. How they can be of service to the reader with their bio
  2. Why someone reading their bio should connect with them, and find out more about what they have to offer
  3. What results the reader will get if they do
  4. Easily visible links to their website and portfolio if they have one, examples of their work, testimonials, and other social media pages

LinkedIn profiles can be used as an effective marketing tool, so they must summarize the skills and services the individual can provide to others.


  • Use short easy to read sentences and paragraphs
  • Allow keywords and phrases to occur naturally, without forcing them into the text
  • Check and double check spelling and grammar
  • Write about your client in the first person, as if you were them, talking about themselves, unless they specifically ask you to do it in the third person
  • Ensure you keep the information succinct. You only have 2000 characters and this isn’t an autobiography
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, bold headings, and highlight the key information
  • Ensure what your client is offering is clear to the reader


  • A full list of their work experience
  • Their education
  • All of their qualifications, only use the most relevant ones
  • Your client’s complete life history


Now download the workbook below and complete the exercises.

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Bio Builder Secrets Summary


By now you should have a good understanding of how to build a truly awesome bio. Here’s a reminder:

  • Strong Headline
  • Hook
  • Story
  • Talking in the first person
  • Addressing the audience as individuals, not as a crowd
  • Using powerful language that evokes emotional responses
  • Being concise, clear and accurate
  • Keeping readability easy

Now you are ready to begin writing bios for clients!

As with anything, the more you do this, the better you’ll become, and the faster you’ll write them. And remember, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to admit how quickly you can write an effective bio for your clients.

You’ll be providing tremendous value for them, and they will be more than happy to PAY for that, even if you can write them fast!

With the tools you’ve been given, you’re now ready to transform a mundane, ordinary bio into dazzling copy that invites the reader in and leaves them eager to find out more.

So, get excited! You can quickly turn your investment in this training into a steady stream of paying clients. The effect on your life can be truly transformational.

Remember, too, this is only the beginning!

You can make even more by adding to your skills when you choose to
enroll in 
Authentic Copy and offer an array of copywriting services to your clients.

Just like Julie Eason started with Authentic Copy and turned her foundational skills into a thriving publishing business…you can find YOUR profitable path to your best life too!


  • Catch the vision of what is possible…
  • Enjoy the freedom to work when and where you want…
  • Create an income beyond anything you may have known before…

It’s ALL Possible… And It’s NEVER Too Late!


Thanks again for joining me in Bio Builder Secrets.

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Bio Builder Secrets Roadmap To Success

Roadmap To Success

Here’s an easy to use road map to stop you getting lost while writing your first bios. It can be used to help you write your own bio, or one for a client. If you follow the path, you’ll be well on your way, but it must also be personal and unique every time, not mechanical.

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