Instagram #1: What Is It And How Do I Set Up An Account?

Have you been wondering about Instagram and how to use it? Technology can be a real beast for women of a certain age. I know that I have struggled to understand all the newest things that people rave about online.


Interested in Freelance Writing for Money? 5 More Reasons You Should Become A Copywriter

If you’ve considered freelance writing for money, you should pay close attention. Because sometimes trying to get paid for writing might feel like a farfetched dream, especially if you want to make reliably generous income.


8 Reasons to Create a Work at Home Job as a Freelance Copywriter

If you’re looking for a way to create a work at home job for yourself, and make a great living, I definitely recommend you look into becoming a copywriter.


RV Lifestyle Tips for Working On The Road Successfully

The RV Lifestyle is an incredible way to live and work on the road. But chances are, you might need to figure out how to create an RV office space, as well as reliable internet.


RV Living: A Fun Twist To Working From Home Online

Have you ever wondered if working from home online is possible? I’m here to say absolutely, it is! But guess what? I am going to throw in a twist you might not have thought of –working from home combined with RV living fulltime!

How to Get Started with Email Marketing in ConvertKit:

A Step by Step Guide & Screenshots!

Do you have an email list for your new blog or website? This blog post details exactly how to get started with an email marketing strategy using ConvertKit plus step by step how to set up your ConvertKit account.

Vision Board Creation:

Your Best Life Manifested!

You’ve probably heard the term vision board thrown around in conversation before. Maybe you’ve even tried creating a vision board without really knowing what you were doing yet…

How To Start A Blog

When it comes to figuring out how to start a blog, I’m all about getting help. Maybe you can relate! Does the process of starting a blog seem overwhelming? Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. We’ll get through this together! You see, I’m totally NOT a…

First Steps For Building Your Blog

So, you’re ready to build your blog and create an online business. Awesome! While you’ll find another very extensive post on How To Start A Blog, I thought it might be helpful for you if I created a separate “first steps” post so you can get the overview…

How To Make Money With Your Blog

This is something you’re going to hear from me on a regular basis… If you’re going to start an online business with a blog, you need to have a higher purpose, an abiding desire to share your message with those who need it most. But you also need to make…

Fabulous FREE Resources For Your Online Business!

OK, so you probably already know you need to invest in yourself if you’re serious about creating your first online business with a blog. But guess what? There are some fabulous FREE resources that you can tap into right now too! Just like the paid…

7-Steps For Zeroing In On Your Niche Market

Does the thought of trying to zero in on your niche market give you a headache? I understand. It can seem confusing and somewhat overwhelming. Maybe even a little scary because it’s like making a lasting commitment to someone you’re not even sure you want to marry yet!

Defining Your Avatar: Who Is Your Target Audience? 

A common misstep many bloggers and marketers make when first starting out, is busting your behind churning out blog content and trying to create products before you are clear about who your “perfect person” or prospect is. Figuring out and defining your target audience will immediately put you in a much better place to speak with them effectively, both through your blog posts and your emails. 


Ever since I discovered how to create a service-based business online, I’ve generated multiple millions of dollars in profits for my clients, as well as an extremely profitable business for myself...

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