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“Bio Builder Secrets.”

A short time ago I interviewed one of my original Authentic Copy students, Julie Anne Eason, for a blog post on therenegadeboomer.com website. The blog was titled…

“The Six-Figure Copywriter Mindset”

Julie told me how, by using the skills she’d learned on my course Authentic Copy, she’d been able to make incredible sums of money. Julie’s first big eureka moment came when she had a mindset change and charged $10,000 dollars for a single sales letter, a sales letter that only took her three days to write.

Today, Julie charges $50,000 dollars plus to write non-fiction books and runs her own successful publishing company.

But even more interestingly, in that same interview, Julie mentioned that because people find it so hard to write their own LinkedIn bios, it’s possible to charge more than $500 dollars to write one for them. She said at this price you’ll get takers lining up around the block!

I thought about this and decided this information was too valuable not to share.

Here’s why…

LinkedIn has more than 590 MILLION users, with new members joining at the rate of

TWO per second. Their goal is to reach 3 BILLION users, and they’re well on their way.

  • 41% of all millionaires use LinkedIn.
  • More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.
  • 91% of marketing execs say LinkedIn is the top place to find quality content.
  • In excess of 61 million senior level influencers are LinkedIn users, 40 million of which are in positions to make decisions.
  • 50% of ALL social traffic that goes to B2B blogs and websites is from LinkedIn.
  • The #1 channel used for the distribution of content by B2B marketers is LinkedIn at 94%.

And here’s even more reasons why…

  • Only 6% of the 10,000 most shared articles on LinkedIn written over the past 5 years were written by influencers, making it a great place for anyone at any level to get noticed.
  • LinkedIn is the top place to find top quality content according to 91% of
    marketing executives.
  • B2B leads are the highest on LinkedIn at 80% while Twitter has 13% and Facebook 7%.
  • Conversation generation is 3x higher on LinkedIn than it is on either Twitter or Facebook.


Because that means literally millions of eyeballs are on LinkedIn user bios.

And that means…

LinkedIn Can Become Your Personal GOLDMINE!

The bio section of a LinkedIn profile has just a 2000-character limit, and in reality, most bios are far, far shorter. How amazing would it be to have the skills to write incredible audience grabbing bios for people? Bios that your future clients would be over the moon with?

Having a strong bio profile summary can make the difference between a person being flooded with offers or being completely invisible, not just on LinkedIn, but in all kinds of places. Business people are aware of this, and because it’s not easy to write effectively about yourself, they’re desperate to make someone else do it for them.

Enter YOU!

Even if you’ve never written copy for anything else yet, you can quickly learn how to do this ONE specialized service…and make as much as $500 an hour.

Of course, as always, I make no promises on exactly what YOU will make. You must be willing to put in the effort and promote yourself.

When you do that, and as you gain skills specializing in LinkedIn bios, you can add on extra services, or even start writing About Me pages for client websites and blogs, by maximizing these same basic strategies.

And as you grow your bio-writing repertoire, you also grow your profitability.

Sound Good? Let’s Get Started!

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