By now you should have a good understanding of how to build a truly awesome bio. Here’s a reminder:

  • Strong Headline
  • Hook
  • Story
  • Talking in the first person
  • Addressing the audience as individuals, not as a crowd
  • Using powerful language that evokes emotional responses
  • Being concise, clear and accurate
  • Keeping readability easy

Now you are ready to begin writing bios for clients!

As with anything, the more you do this, the better you’ll become, and the faster you’ll write them. And remember, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to admit how quickly you can write an effective bio for your clients.

You’ll be providing tremendous value for them, and they will be more than happy to PAY for that, even if you can write them fast!

With the tools you’ve been given, you’re now ready to transform a mundane, ordinary bio into dazzling copy that invites the reader in and leaves them eager to find out more.

So, get excited! You can quickly turn your investment in this training into a steady stream of paying clients. The effect on your life can be truly transformational.

Remember, too, this is only the beginning!

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It’s ALL Possible… And It’s NEVER Too Late!


Thanks again for joining me in Bio Builder Secrets.

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