An Interview With Lisa

How Authentic Copy Teaches Mindset and Spirituality


Lisa is one of my Authentic Copy students. In this interview she explains how she stalked me (in a good way) and how Authentic Copy is helping her return to joy by lighting a fire and getting her excited again.

To hear Lisa’s journey and discover how mindset and spirituality have helped her, listen to the interview below.

If you prefer, you can read the full transcript here


Tina: This is Tina Lorenz, and I’m here today with one of my Authentic Copy students, Lisa.

I actually asked you to join me for a few minutes because I just wanted to chat with you about your experience and your journey in Authentic Copy, because you’ve been at it for, I don’t know, maybe four or five weeks, something like that?

Lisa: Yeah, somewhere in there. 

How Lisa Stalked Tina!


Tina: You shared a story with me of how you found me in the first place. I was thinking, could we just chat about that for a minute?

As I recall, you were in a very well-known copywriting program some years ago, actually learning copywriting. I was an instructor in that program at the time, but you weren’t in my room, so to speak. We were at the same school but not in the same room.

You were telling me kind of an interesting story about that. What is it that you noticed when you were in that program, and I happened to be teaching in it as well?

Lisa: Well we were all assigned different teachers, and I was taking the class for another business that I’ve since closed. The teacher set up the class in a billboard style, so you would post your homework, which was your sales letter or your bullets or whatever portion of the homework assignment you had. Your teacher would, at some point within the next 24 to 48 hours, critique it, and give you tips to improve. The nice part about the class was that you could see other students, what they submitted and what their teachers were responding to their stuff.

My teacher was absent for several days for whatever reason. So, I started browsing the other classrooms, and other work people had submitted, and that’s where I discovered you, and I really, really liked your style! I liked the way you just responded in the tips you gave. I just felt like everything was helpful and it made sense and I was like, Oh yeah, I can apply this. And so, I did steal some of the info, and I actually requested to be switched to your classroom, but I was told that that was not possible. I was very disappointed but I sort of stalked you!

Tina: In a good way 😉  

Discovering Authentic Copy


Lisa: On Facebook, on the Internet. I watched for you and then when I saw you join Facebook, somehow you popped up into my feed, or I was searching for you one day, and there you were! I friended you, and you said, “well watch for this,” because you were very kind to reply to a private message and when your class Authentic Copy came around the timing was perfect, and I said, this is something I’m definitely going to do! So I decided to revisit it because I did coffee for a little while and I took a hiatus, had some personal issues, with those behind me I decided it was time to revisit it.

Tina: It’s so funny because I didn’t know any of this. You know, I didn’t know that you were in that program. I didn’t know that you had asked for me to be your teacher! And so it’s just really been interesting to hear this now because I had no idea at the time, that was not shared information or anything like that.

So this is kind of one of those lessons for people to have. You never know in your own business when you’re working online or in the services you are offering online, you never know, where those connections are going to lead. And sometimes connections are being made you don’t even know about. I think this is a really helpful thing for people to keep in mind as you have your journey online that you never know who’s watching!


How Mindset and Spirituality are

Helping Lisa 


Tina: You know, it was just waiting for that right moment. I think that should actually be like super encouraging to people as they are building a business. Whether they’re starting as a copywriter, or they have their own service to offer, that sometimes it takes some time, sometimes that traction isn’t something that you realize is happening right away. But I think that’s a great lesson, Lisa. So I really appreciate you sharing that.

I think the other thing you’ve mentioned to me is that you didn’t really realize how much mindset and spiritual aspect is part of how I teach copywriting, what I bring into the program at Authentic Copy. And you weren’t even fully aware at first that that was an important element, as that’s proven to be for you actually personally too. So can you talk to me a little bit about that? Like it kind of surprised you that I lead with mindset in Authentic Copy, that’s where I begin. And it’s a super foundational piece; we speak about it frequently in our Authentic Copy interact Facebook group, don’t we?

Lisa: We do, we do. And it’s an important part of things. It’s amazing to me how much just different things about our family, society, even when you’re a little kid and were with your parents. You might’ve been in the store, and you want something, a piece candy or a certain cereal or who knows what, and then Mom or Dad says “Oh, we can’t afford that.” And how much we internalize some of those lessons, and some go deeper than that. Some people are dirt poor, and some don’t have that issue.

But it’s amazing the lessons that we take on, and it’s been surprising to me knowing my own background and my issues around money, how far forward they can carry, and we don’t even really realize it.

Lisa: So mindset is really just that whole habitual thought where you don’t even realize until you’re introduced to a paradigm shift, that you can think differently and you can believe differently and be able to change.

I’ve heard it called a “money thermostat.” You know, there was a time when I had my business, where I stuck a dollar amount on the wall behind me, behind one of my big pieces of equipment where no one else would see it. But anytime I would go to change the thermostat for the heat in the building; I would see that and say, yeah, that’s what I want to earn.

I did achieve some success with the business, but I only scratched the surface of the mindset, and I had a lot of other issues behind it. So, when I discovered that that was a piece of what you are offering, that was very intriguing for me.

Lisa: And I thought score! I got a bonus that I really wasn’t expecting. I bought the course fully expecting that this was just going to be a review, help me sharpen my skills, maybe get some good critiques and get rolling.


Crushing the Self-Doubt


Honestly, the bonus that I went after when I signed up was the one that told you how to get your first clients, because that’s always been an issue for me. And I honestly think that too, the money mindset and the “WHO’s going to want to listen to me or hire me?”, kind of go hand in hand.

It’s a really well-rounded piece, it’s spiritual, but it’s not religious based. If you’ve ever done self-hypnosis, or if you’ve ever done, yoga you know, there are so many different ways you can meditate and focus.

Lisa: It could be prayer. I mean, whatever works for the individual. It’s been really wonderful for me to be able to focus on that and, come up with a new mantra that I can use, and just noticing my thoughts and, being able to sort of change on the fly instead of doing something for days and days and not even realizing how it’s been affecting you. It’s been okay, really raised my awareness. I feel things changing.

Tina: Yeah. That’s one of the things you said to me. One of the things in the Authentic Copy interactive Facebook group, it’s actually one of the bonuses, (shows wrist band) I’ve actually got my wrist band on, we’re Celestial Sherpas TM, and I teach a whole spiritual dimension of what that means and what is that Sherpa aspect and it’s become kind of, you know, you even coined the phrase Sherpal or Sherpa-ing it’s kind of become a catchphrase in the group.

What that means is that not only are we able to tap into the guidance of the inspiration we need individually, and how that affects us in our regular life, but also how we write copy and what we put into that. But also how we deliver the message because a Sherpa is also an emissary and not only a guide but an emissary.


Feeling the Forward Momentum


Tina:  And so we have kind of a culture we’re building inside, outside of copy where we each become that Celestial Sherpa TM, but not only for ourselves but for those we serve. I think that it’s something that’s become really important, I think to all of us. I know we’re one of the bonuses. I am a Celestial Sherpa TM, and it’s to help us keep that, that touchstone of however our belief systems are, but something higher. A higher power to me, it’s God. I believe that, most of the people in the group, I think identify it that way; that inspiration and that calling of what we’re meant to do.

One of the things that’s so exciting to me about you, Lisa, is that you have shared with me that you just feel this change happening in yourself. You feel this kind of; I think I would interpret it as forward momentum. You can correct me if you feel it’s something different, but what would you say about that? That you just feel that growth inside, the really personal, internalized awareness of what you’re capable of, where you can go with this.


How Lisa is Returning to Joy and Excitement


Lisa: For me I think it’s more of a return to joy. And it’s kind of silly if you think about it that way, but honestly, it’s when you’re really young, and you get really excited about something, you have that passion for something. Whether it was your first somersault or your first school play or whatever it happened to be, that kind of lit a fire for you and made you excited.

Over time you hear “Don’t be too happy” “Don’t cry” “Don’t laugh now, you’ll cry tomorrow” silly things like that, that you hear, kind of steal your thunder, you don’t want to be a wet blanket or whatever you want to call it. So, you sort of learn through life to kind of find this middle road, where you never get too high, don’t get too happy, don’t become too successful. Let’s be mediocre all the way.

Lisa: Moving from that point and realizing that it can be different and that it is different, it’s changing for me. It’s getting me excited again. I get really pumped up when I can help people and when I had my other business, and I was going through the copywriting, I would give a lot of my client’s marketing advice because I was learning all this stuff. It was so exciting. It spilled over into everything I did. And so I had these wonderful conversations with people, and they would come back and tell me, “Oh hey, I tried that thing you were telling me. Yeah, it really worked. It’s amazing.”.


Knowing More than You Think You Do


Tina: That’s one of the things we talk about in Authentic Copy that “Just in time learning”. One of the things they talk about when sometimes people are afraid, well, I don’t know enough about marketing and how can I do this without previous experience?

What I teach and what I’ve done in my own life, and I think I’m hearing it in yours as well, is that you already know more than you think you’d do. If you start learning these marketing strategies and learning these basic elements of copy, you’re already far ahead of a lot of the entrepreneurs and business people that need your services. You’re already steps ahead, even if you’re not quite aware of that.

When you start talking about what you’re learning, for example, what you’re learning in Authentic Copy, when you start talking about that with your potential clients or people that you just meet in business, and you’re networking with, you find out, sometimes you get that surprise, when they’re like, “Oh wow, really?”.

Tina: And then they don’t know. They don’t know. And so by just keeping three steps ahead and continuing to build your marketing knowledge and your skills, you really conserve these people very effectively, and it doesn’t take all that long just to get to that three steps ahead point.

I think you experienced it in that previous business that you had? It’s probably becoming even more real to you now, that “Hey, I really have something to offer here. I really can do that.” That’s super gratifying to me.


Inside the Authentic Copy Family


I’m just so grateful that you’ve shared this with me, because It helps feed me as well to know that I’m serving the people that I’m working with in Authentic Copy, it’s kind of like we’re growing a family. What’s your experience inside our interactive private Facebook group? I mean as far as it being supportive or any of those types of things?

Lisa: Well, it’s very supportive. You know, I submitted something to the Q and A, and I think everybody gets a great deal of benefit out of the Q and A sessions that you do every Tuesday. Most of us can’t be there during the day because we have other jobs, lives, etc. But, it’s great that it’s recorded. So I imagine it’s great fun for the people that are there live. I got there for a little bit live; I stole away in a break at work. It’s great when you get to listen to the full thing. The one I submitted, so many people were thanking me and saying how helpful it was for them. And honestly, the critiques that I’ve watched, really help other people, it just makes so much sense because you can see the real-life examples and you think “Oh, okay yeah, I probably would have said it that way too” or “Oh, oh, that’s why it doesn’t work. Okay, now I get it.” so it’s just helpful stuff. There’s some great material here and seeing how you can tweak it to make it that much more exciting, that’s really exciting.

Tina: It’s really fun. I actually love doing it because I love marketing. Obviously I’m a word nerd, or I wouldn’t be doing what I do, but just to be able to see how we can strengthen that? What can we do to make that even more effective? And it’s not a tearing down of anything, it’s adding that energy, revitalizing it and taking a good idea and sometimes finding the ones that maybe aren’t so good and saying, no, let’s not do that, and this is why. So that, you know, why we want to go in that direction with how the copy is written and what that message is. Because really, when it comes down to it, it’s really about building a relationship. And so we build relationships in Authentic Copy, and we build them in our community, in the interactive, and we work on building those relationships with your potential clients and the people that you’re communicating with through your copy, and, how you’re going to build your business.


Mindset and Spirituality are

Rocket Fuel for Your Business


Tina: And so it all fits together. And the spiritual aspect, as well as the mindset is just the rocket fuel for your business. When you can add this extra element and not just the superficial. One of the things I teach is; we’re selling more than it looks like, it’s beneath the surface of how we tap into that connection, then the emotion, and it starts at home, it starts right in our Authentic Copy group also, building that way.

Someone in the group told me she practices meditation and prayer every morning. And when she saw me online, she said, “I knew immediately that you were the one, you were the one.” I think you experienced that without me even knowing it, it just took a little longer.

So, Lisa, in closing, what would you say to anyone that’s considering joining Authentic Copy and learning the copywriting and marketing and adding that spiritual dimension to it?

Lisa: Well, if anyone is looking at your course and wondering if it’s worth the investment, I would have to say that it over delivers. The information that you give in the critiques, the way you interact with people, all of the videos, the lives and all of the information that you share, it just continues to give and give. I feel like I’m already… I haven’t earned any money yet, but I still feel like I’ve gotten the value for my money from it and I’m totally thrilled and happy, and I know I’m going to be successful with it.

Tina: I know you are too, because one of the things I know about you Lisa, is that you’re more powerful than you even realize. And that’s one of the things that I’ve just noticed about you early on. I’ve got my little goosebumps my Celestial Sherpa chills right now because I know you’re going to continue. We’re building this foundation, you’re building it, I’m giving you the tools to work with and kind of lighting a path for you, but you’re doing the work, you’re doing the work. And that’s the thing, anyone that comes into the program and is willing to put that effort into it; there’s so much more to it than just the headlines and the emails and the copy, that is building a foundation. It goes deeper than that, and is more enduring than that.

Tina: When you add your copywriting and marketing skills, you’re unstoppable. And I know that that’s going to be the case for you, Lisa. Pretty soon you’ll be there because you won’t be at that j-o-b, when you’re able to make that transition. It’s a journey; it’s not something that happens overnight, there’s a building process, kind of like building a home. You’re building that foundation, and I know that’s what you’re doing.

So thank you so much for joining me today. I really appreciate it. I’m so glad you’re a Celestial Sherpa TM in Authentic Copy with me, and I know that what you have to say today is going to help other people as well. So thanks for joining me today.

Lisa: Thank you for having me. It’s been wonderful.


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