1. How do you keep from giving away the farm and saying too much to your clients?
  2. Is There Anyone Above Dan Kennedy in Copywriting?
  3. Identifying Target Markets
  4. ChargingWhat You‘re Worth
  5. Getting Your First Client and Networking
  6. Job Security
  7. Protect Yourself and Gain Your Clients Respect
  1. What to do when you or your client don’t have any testimonials yet?
  2. Need Testimonials? GET SOME!
  3. How do you plan when you’re going to an event?
  1. Mindset: How you can do for others what you can’t do for yourself?
  2. How Copywriting can be the platform and foundation of other things in your life.
  3. Do you suggest that offering a “friends and family” discount is a good strategy especially when getting started?
  4. Discounts on other training, not copywriting
  5. Before giving your fee to the Client, convince yourself first.
  6. .Ghostwriting Books
  7. Specialisms
  8. Haggling
  9. Do you suggest using freelance services such as Fiverr and Upwork?
  10. Setting Your Fees
  11. Bonuses
  12. Phone Business Card
  13. Networking
  14. Certification
  15. When to Get Your First Client
  1. When you’re first getting started, how do you pace yourself?
    How long is it 
    going to take you to do the OptIn, Sales Letter and Emails?
  2. How many clients should you take at a time?
    • Ramping Up and Making More Money
    • Lead Magnets, Marketing, Niche Markets
    • Taking Client Payments
  3. Do I need to have samples of my copy on my website?
    • Your Website Can Be Your Copy Sample
    • The Theory Of The HOT PORCUPINE
  4. Key Skills, Mindset, And Networking
  5. Book: The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph by Ryan Holiday
  6. You Are A Problem Solver
  7. The Four Week Process Getting The Information You Need
  1. Who’s Got A Facebook Business Page?
  2. QR Code On Steroids
  3. How do I turn a powerful question into a statement?
  4. Is using Trapped, Exhausted and Hopeless the same as using multiple words that become confusing?
  5. Do you recommend the paid version of Grammarly?
  6. How does a Sales Letter fit into a remarketing reactivation campaign for a client?
  7. Client Intensives
  8. Mantra
  9. Practice Homework
  10. Tina’s “Kid” Sales Letter
  1. Client Connection Program
  2. Do you recommend writing by hand?
  3. Challenges
  4. Magazines
  5. Non Disclosure
  6. Common Themes
  7. How do you handle making appointments outside of regular working hours?
    • Phone Calls
    • Energy Boost
  8. Revisit to Question 1. Writing By Hand
  9. What do you put on your Facebook Business Page when you’re new to copywriting?
    • Facebook
    • Red Ocean / Blue Ocean
    • Facebook Business Page Name
  10. How do you know how to advise a client about what he or she should do?
  11. Posting Your Q&A Questions
  12. Marketing Mind
  13. Saying No
  14. Funnel Hacking
  15. Value
  16. Get Writing
  1. Easy Webinar
  2. Copywriting Opportunity
  3. Critique Of Student Email
  4. Spam Triggers
  5. How to Get A High Open Rate For Emails
  6. Sharing What You Learn
  7. Client Preparation
  8. Presentation (of your copy)
  1. New Members Welcome
  2. Winner (of the copy opportunity)
  3. Client Potential
  4. How do you make a commodity seem unique? 
    Is it the offer that makes it different?
    • Russell Brunson’s iPhone
    • Pizza Store Example
    • T-shirt or Pin Example
    • Book: The Culture Code By Clotaire Rapaille
    • Jeep Example
  5. Critique Of A Long Form Sales Letter
    • Using Swipes In Your Copy
    • Keeping Headlines Tight
    • Images
  6. Using The Authentic Copy Framework
  7. Tina’s New Webinar
  8. Testimonials
  1. Get Your Copy Critiqued
  2. Learn From Your Mistakes
  3. Trust In Yourself
  4. Funnels
    • Funnel Users Need Copywriters
    • Learn About Funnels by Reading About Them
    • Funnel Templates
    • Expand Your Audience
    • Become An Expert Funnel Writer
    • Past Funnel Experience
    • Have Your Own Funnel
  5.  ConvertKit Email Sequences
  6. Be An Expert In A Very Small Niche
  7. Everything You Are Learning Works In Funnels
  8. Know The Terminology
  9. Red Ocean, Blue Ocean
  10. The Accordian Teacher
  11. Mindset
  12. Taking Responsibility and Never Saying Can’t
  13. Client Fees
  14. Student Critiques
  15. Tina’s Favorite Headlines
  16. Appealing To Different Segments Of The Market
  17. Using Song Lyrics
  18. Enhancing Headlines
  19. Senior Appeal
  20. Researching A Topic
  21. Using Questions In Headlines
  22. Business Cards
  23. Website Building
  24. Certification Program
  1. Researching A New Client
    • Gut Feelings
    • Value
  2. Facebook Business Page Content
    • Adding Content
    • Affiliate Links
    • Find Your Own Voice
    • Go Live
    • Talk About Your Journey
  3. Writing Offers For Clients
    • What is your client REALLY selling?
    • What do your client’s customers REALLY want?
    • Talk To The Customers
    • Look At The Products
  4. Copy Without Offers
    • Keywords And Calls To Action
    • Getting Them On The Mailing List
    • The Enduring Letter
    • Check Credibility On Google
  5. Gary Benvivenga: Marketing Bullets
    • Forget About Royalties
    • Changing Your Money Mindset
    • Believing You Deserve Weatlh
    • The Bencivenga Bullets
  6. On Tour
  1. Using A Subject Line
  2. Beware Spam Triggers
  3. Using Your Personal Story
  4. Subheads To Keep Your Reader Hooked
  5. Staying Up To Date
  6. Offline Advertising
  7. Swiping Headlines
  8. Modeling
  9. Things To Remember
  10. Plenty Of Offers
  11. Choose Growing Niches
  12. Staying Ahead Of The Game
  13. You CAN Write Copy On Anything
  14. Tina’s Sawmill Email & Brochure
  15. Keep It Conversational & Avoid Spam Triggers
  16. Use Testimonials
  17. Make It Easy To Follow
  18. Personal Salutations
  19. Staying Competitive
  20. Trust In A Brand
  21. Question from a student: How did Tina build her own mindset when she first started?
  22. Spiritual Amnesia
  1. Funnels
    • ClickFunnels
    • Russell Brunson Creative Genius
    • Jargon Busting
    • Nothing New
    • How A Basic Funnel Works
    • Sales Page
    • One Time Offer
    • Process Map
    • Design Flow
  2. What You Need To Know (From your client)
  3. Video Calls
  4. Tina Shares A Sales Letter
    • Bullet Points
    • Building Credibility
    • Adding Testimonials
    • Guarantees
  5. Sharing Your Files
  6. Later Additions
  7. Increasing The Bottom Line
  8. Order Pages
  9. Social Proof
  1. Tech Tuesday With Candace
  2. Student Question: How do you create a Disclaimers page or Terms and Conditions policy? And I can’t seem to link my WordPress email with Microsoft Outlook, or should I go another route?
    • How To Create Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, And Disclaimers
    • Generator Websites
    • Swiping Content
    • Installing Info On Your Own Website
    • Cookies (And Policies)
    • Affiliate Disclaimers
    • Getting More Help
  3. Linking Outlook To WordPress
    1. Gmail
  4. Any Further Questions (Support)
  1. Bio Builder Secrets And LinkedIn: The Untapped Goldmine
    • Anyone Can Do It!
  2. Certification Mentorship Program
  3. Student Copy Quiz Critique
    • Opening
    • Be Careful About What You Promise
    • Alternative Headline
    • Test Button
    • The Questions
    • Opt-In Box
    • Results Page
    • Shorten The Link
    • Create A Mission
  4. Student Question: My client wants me to do more than I currently offer like Facebook Ads. Should I do it?
    • Setting Prices For Facebook Ads
  5. Don’t Charge By The Word
  6. Provide Value For Your Clients
  7. Tagging And Segmentation
  8. What’s Missing (In your client’s marketing)
  9. Setting Fees
  10. Tina Can Help With Pricing
  11. Don’t Take Unscheduled Calls
  12. Critique Of An About Me Page
    • The Central Question
    • Define Your Audience
    • Breath Of Life
    • Modeling (For Your About Me Page)
    • Using The Same Blueprint
    • Bringing Your About Me Page To Life
  13. Write For Yourself
  14. Getting Paid
    • Using Stripe Or Bank Transfers
  15. Zoom
  16. Freedom
  1. Announcing Bio Builder Secrets
    • Earning $500 For An Hours Work
    • The LinkedIn Goldmine
  2. Certification Program
    • Live Event
    • Interview
    • Learn By Doing
  3. Bio Builder Secrets Sales Letter
  4. Student Question: Can education be my niche and where would I begin since most education is public?
    • Red Ocean / Blue Ocean
  5. Critique Of About Me Page
    • Get To The Point
    • Before And After
  6. Get Critiqued
  7. Marketing Antenna
  8. Mindset, Manifestation, and Abundance
  9. Money Stretcher
  10. You Never Know Who You Are Talking To
  11. Circle Of Intention
  12. Money Breakthrough
  13. Thanks For Being Awesome
  14. Share With Tina
  1. How Tina’s Investment In Herself Helps You
  2. Possible Live Event
  3. Get Affiliated!
  4. Awesome Response To Bio Builder Secrets
  5. Julie Stoian & The Importance Of Good Copywriters
  6. Need For Affordable Copywriters
  7. Bloggers Can Make Excellent Copywriters
    • Free Blogging Training
    • Blogging Course
    • Exposure
    • Job Offer
  8. Gathering Testimonials
  9. Emily Aaron’s Podcast
  10. Authentic Copy Gives You The Framework You Need
  11. Sales Letter Anatomy
  12. Specializing
  13. Copywriting vs Content Creation
  14. Get Critiqued
  15. Student Critique Of An About Me Page
  16. Jack Turk Bio Example
    • Swiping
    • Help Your Tribe With Copywriting
    • The Gold Nuggets
    • Doing What You Love
  17. Student Question: I’m running through the Bio Builder Secrets course. How do I handle my work bio portion? Should I illuminate the fact that I am an insurance call center rep by day, word nerd by night? Or is that my hook?
  18. Student Question: Can you have more than one LinkedIn page?
  19. Student Question: Do you keep the resume style format listing all my private positions, including the self-employed copywriter part?
  20. Student Critique Of An Opt-In Page
    • Embed The Opt-In
    • ConvertKit
    • Blog Optimization
    • Target Opt-In
  21. Critique Of An About Me Page (Modeled on Michael Hyatt’s About Page)
    • Bullet Lists
    • Say What You Mean
    • Making Your Message Stand Out
    • Illustrations
    • Making It Your Own
  22. Student Critique Of A Bio Builder Sales Page
    • Clarify Perception
    • Using Humor
    • Language
    • Myron Golden
    • Your Peoples Language
  23. Student Critique of Copy
    • Strong Headlines
    • Read Your Copy Out Loud
    • Spam Triggers
    • Testimonials
    • Identify With Your Audience
    • No Slashes
    • Odd Numbers Work Well
  24. Thank You
  1. 9 to 5 Mentality and Shifting Out of That Mindset
  2. Why We are all Here in the Authentic Copy Group
  3. Shiny Object Syndrome
  4. Urgency to Make a Living
  5. Agencies
  6. 9 to 5 Mentality VS Entrepreneurship Mindset
  7. Student Bio Critique 1
  8. Student Question: Should I get another LinkedIn profile specifically for my copywriting?
  9. Student Bio Critique 2
  10. Student Question: Do  you have to put your related work experience timeline in your Linkedin profile?
  11. Niche Markets
  12. Thank You
  1. Critiques Update
  2. New Client
  3. Reading and Notes Tip
  4. Explaining Funnels to Clients
  5. Student Bio Critique 1
  6. Student Bio Critique 2
  7. Thank You  
  1. Announcements 
  2. Student Question: Before I found out about copywriting, I thought about starting a blog that has nothing to do with copywriting. Now I’m going to create a copywriting business. Should I mix the two on the same site or create a whole new site for my copywriting business? 
  3. Student Bio Critique 1
  4. Student Bio Critique 2
  5. Tip
  6. Student Question: Are the FB lives set up to have About Me page critiques? 
  7. Student Question: How does everyone time block their day?
  8. Student Question: I was asked to provide a quote for five tagline options for a big-time player. I was thinking I could quote high for this company. Then potentially video script copy. Can I do that?
  9. Keywords and SEO
  10. Tips
  11. Thank You
  1. Announcements
  2. Student Question: How do I find the time?
  3. Student Question: How do I find the time when working full time?
  4. Marketing Tip
  5. Student Question: What is a funnel?
  6. Copywriting Tip
  7. Bio Builder Secrets
  8. Student Bio Critique 1
  9. Student Bio Critique 2
  10. Book Recommendation
    • You2: A High Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps by Price Pritchett
  11. Thank You
  1. Announcements
  2. Niche Markets
  3. Books to Read
    • Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson
    • DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson
  4. Lessons from an Unhappy Client
  5. Student Question: How do you write your LinkedIn bio if you have a full time job but want to position yourself as a copywriter?
  6. Student Question: Where do you start with the Authentic Copy group?
  7. Client Fees and Kill Fees
  8. Student Bio Critique 1
  9. Student Bio Critique 2
  10. Thank You


  1. Mindset and Encouragement 
  2. You Get to Choose
  3. 5 Day Take Action Challenge
  4. Student Question: I have been getting noticed by other bio builder specialists not from the Authentic Copy group. Should I connect with them?
  5. Student Question: What is a good way to show your writing samples?
  6. Student Question? How do you format the font in your LinkedIn bio?
  7. Bio Builder Secrets
  8. Student Question: Best friend is selling an expensive home. I am thinking about writing copy for her so she can do a video and then create Facebook ads targeting certain geographic locations and people looking for second homes. Any advice would be appreciated. 
  9. Student Bio Critique 1
  10. Student Bio Critique 2
  11. Student Bio Critique 3
  12. Student Bio Critique 4


  1. Avatar
  2. Authentic Copy for New Members
  3. Mentoring Program
  4. Bio Builder Secrets
  5. Student Question: How do you know what businesses will pay well?
  6. Student Question: How do you get paid?
  7. Student Question: Will you talk about writing emails for royalty?
  8. Your LinkedIn Bio
  9. Student Question: Can I specialize in a niche from my background of writing scripts for Hollywood?
  10. Student Bio Critique 1
  11. Student Bio Critique 2
  12. Student Question: I came across a ghost writing blog opportunity writing two 1000 word articles a week. What is an acceptable rate to charge for a newbie?


  1. Announcements
  2. Student Question: How do you determine what companies will pay well for your copywriting services?
  3. Student Question: How do you get paid?
  4. Student Bio Critique 1
  5. Prospecting
  6. Bio Builder Secrets
  7. Student Question: I changed the focus of my business but have kept my same FB page. Since my focus has changed, do I just start posting like I’ve been doing this all along or do I put a post out there about what the focus of the page will be?
  8. Student Bio Critique 2
  9. Free Headline Challenge
  10. Headline Challenge Critique
  11. Student Question: I’ve been waiting to work on my LinkedIn profile because I’m afraid people will go to my website, which is a bit of a mess and refers to my screen writing. Is there an order for this if you will not be specializing in profiles?
  12. Student Question GoDaddy or Wix for web hosting?
  13. Motivation
  14. Student Question: I’m going to create my website through unless you have another recommendation to help me design it?
  15. Student Question: How do you create links to samples of your work online?
  16. Student Question: I’ve done editing that includes ‘editing a home’ and think I can creatively put that in a different but related “Editing” segment. Thoughts?
  17. Student Question: Are there resources where you can connect with potential clients? Are there agencies for copywriting? 
  18. BE YOU
  19. Future Questions


  1. Welcome!
  2. Student Question: What is up with the 12 page sales letters? Is that really what we are expected to do?
  3. Student Question: I’m wondering if I am missing a step or two in the process of getting a client. What works for you when networking and reaching out to prospective clients?
  4. Student Question: I need some pricing advice. I will be writing about 5 pages of content on a website for a friend in the travel industry. I have no idea what to charge. Thoughts?
  5. Student Question: Help with pricing! I created a single web page for a musician friend. He recommended me to his other musician friends. One reached out to me and needs a total re-haul of their website, design and copy. Right now they have 19 different pages on their site. I don’t know how much to quote. I would be redesigning the entire website, creating a cohesive look, writing all the copy and combining pages to create a smoother navigation. I am thinking of quoting $1300. What should I be charging? 
  6. Talking Pricing
  7. Student Question: Having posted my profile on LinkedIn, what else should I be doing on there? 
  8. Bio Builder Secrets
  9. Student Bio Critique 1
  10. Student Bio Critique 2
  11. LinkedIn Profile


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